Jorge Posada……Does He Have Hall of Fame Numbers?

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Jorge Posada…… a Hall of Fame Player ?

Since his retirement in 2011, at baseballsgreatest, we have been asked the same question time and time again, is Jorge Posada a Hall of Fame player? Initially our response was a NO, or maybe border-line at best. In the past few months,Michael Kay, on his radio show and Marc Malusis,on SNY, mentioned on several occassions questions about Jorge Posada,and the Hall of Fame.We have a lot of respect for Michael and Marc’s baseball knowledge and their comments prompted us to check Posadas’ numbers and see how they measure up to some other Hall of Fame catchers. The baseball Hall of Fame is all about statistics and numbers. Looking at the charts below, Jorge Posada does have Hall of Fame numbers. When we began comparing the numbers, Jorge Posadas’ stats measure up favorably to the greatest hitting catchers in the history of the game.Our research shows he is one of the seven greatest hitting catchers in the past 40 years. His home run to at bat ratio is very impressive, at 1/22.16, this is 4th all-time, amongst the top hitters, only behind Mike Piazza, Roy Campanella,and Yogi Berra. His on base near to the top of he list, which makes Posada a great offensive force, hitting for power and getting on base. He is the best hitting catcher of the decade.In conclusion,we have done a complete turn around from our initial response and according to our research at baseballsgreatesthitters,com. Jorge Posada is a Hall of Fame catcher.

Our RankRunsHome RunsR.B.I.’s
1Mike Piazza3.960Ivan Rodriguez     1354Mike Piazza427Yogi Berra1430
2Yogi Berra3.911Carlton Fisk1276Johnny Bench389Johnny Bench1376
3Bill Dickey3.892Yogi Berra1175Carlton Fisk376Mike Piazza1335
4Mickey Cochrane3.845Johnny Bench1091Yogi Berra358Ivan Rodriguez1332
5Johnny Bench3.729Mike Piazza1048Gary Carter324Carlton Fisk1330
6Gabby Hartnett3.692Mickey Cochrane 1041Ivan Rodriguez311Gary Carter1225
7Carlton Fisk3.676Gary Carter1025Jorge Posada275Bill Dickey1209
8Roy Campanella3.627Bill Dickey930Roy Campanella242Gabby Hartnett1179
9Gary Carter3.529Jorge Posada     900Gabby Hartnett236Jorge Posada1065
10Ivan Rodriguez3.529Gabby Hartnett867Bill Dickey             202Roy Campanella856
11Jorge Posada3.379RoyCampanella   627Mickey Cochrane119Mickey Cochrane830

PlayerA.B.-H.R./A.BPlayerB.A. PlayerO.B.% PlayerSlg%
1Mike Piazza6,911  /16.19MickeyCochrane   320Mickey Cochrane419Mike Piazza545
2Roy Campanella4,205  /17.38Bill Dickey313Bill Dickey382Roy Campanella500
3Johnny Bench7,658  /19.69Mike Piazza308Mike Piazza377Gabby Hartnett489
4Yogi Berra7,555  /21.11Gabb Hartnett297Jorge Posada374Bill Dickey486
5Jorge Posada6,092  /22.16Ivan Rodriguez296Gabby Hartnett370Yogi Berra482
6Carlton Fisk8,756  /23.29Yogi Berra285Roy Campanella360MickeyCochrane  478
7Gary Carter7,971  /24.61RoyCampanella     276Yogi Berra348JohnnyBench       476
8Gabby Hartnett6,432  /27.26Jorge Posada273Johnny Bench342Jorge Posada474
9Ivan Rodriguez9,592  /30.85Carlton Fisk269Carlton Fisk           341Ivan Rodriguez464
10Bill Dickey6,300  /31.19Johnny Bench267Gary Carter335Carlton Fisk457
11Mickey Cochrane5,169  /43.44Gary Carter262Ivan Rodriguez334Gary Carter439

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