Aaron Judge Hits Number 62

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List Number One…. List Number Two You be the “Judge”

List Number One

2001Barry Bonds73
1998Mark McGwire70
1998Sammy Sosa66
1999Mark McGwire65
2001Sammy Sosa64
1999Sammy Sosa63
2022Aaron Judge62
1961Roger Maris61
1927Babe Ruth60

List Number Two

2022Aaron Judge62
1961Roger Maris61
1927Babe Ruth60

Is Aaron Judge the new “Home Run King”?

Read some of our historical facts, and you, the true baseball fans….be “The Judge”

· In 1927 Babe Ruth hit 60 Home Runs.

· In 1961, 34 years later, Roger Maris hit 61 Home Runs.

· In 34 years, only two players top the 60 Home Run Milestone.

· Fast forward to 1997, in 70 seasons only “Two Players” top the 60 Home Run Milestone.

· In 1998, two players. in the same season, accomplish this feat, Mark McGwire hits 70 and Sammy Sosa hits 66 home runs.

· In 70 seasons the 60-home run mark has been done twice, but done twice in the same season???

· In four-year, span (1998 to 2001) the 60 Home Run mark was topped a total of Six Times.

In Conclusion, was done twice in 70 years yet six times in four years???

Now we will visit the “Fifty” Home Run Seasons

· In 1920 Babe Ruth set the record with 54 home runs in a season.

· In a total of 102 years (1920-2022,) the 50home run mark was topped 47 times.

· Some of the greatest sluggers in baseball history: Jimmie Foxx, Ralph Kiner, Hank Greenberg, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews, Harmon Killebrew, Willie McCovey, Willie Stargell, Mike Schmidt, Ken Griffey Jr., and many other of the game’s great sluggers in that period were not able to top the 60-home run mark.

· Yet Sammy Sossa was able to accomplish this feat three times in a four-year span of his career.

· In 1965 Willie Mays hit 52 home runs. In 1977 George Foster also hit 52 home runs. From 1965-1989 (in a 25 season span) George was the only player to top the 50-homerun mark.

· From 1995 to 2010 in those fifteen years, the 50-home run mark was topped 24 times. Coincidentally, that was the year after the 1994 baseball strike.

All the above are baseball facts, you the fan, draw your own conclusion.

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