Is there a way to effectively rank the greatest players in baseball history?



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Baseball’s Greatest Hitters’ “STAT” Formula is a three-part system that enables you for the first time to truly compare the Best Hitters In

Baseball History-past and present

The “STAT formula” ranks retired and present MLB players with 5,000 or more career at bats based on:

Part 1 – Hitting for power, run production and on-base pct.
Part 2 – Hitting for average
Part 3 – “The New Statistic”The Home Run Curve

Our process for rating the greatest players in baseball history is derived by adding the sum of the points from each of the three sections above.

Hitting for power’s affect on our list of the best hitters in baseball history.

The “STAT” algorithm takes into account the players’ lifetime statistics, which include: Runs, Hits, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, R.B.I.s, Stolen Bases, Strike Outs,Walks, and Total Career At-Bats (since the players longevity is factored into the point system). Part 1 of the formula concentrates on the player’s ability of hitting for power and also the ability to produce runs.

Using lifetime batting averages to determine the greatest hitters in baseball history.

The “STAT” places each players Lifetime Batting Average on a point chart. The point total from this chart is is added to the total points from Part 1’s Hitting for Power.

The Home Run Curve’s place in the “STAT”

To effectively compare the greatest players in baseball history, our “STAT” takes into account the average home runs hit per team/per year during the years the ballplayer has played. This number is also placed on a point chart. The points from Part 3 (the Home Run Curve) is then added to the sum of Parts 1 and 2 for the Final Point Total.

Who are the best hitters in baseball history?

We compiled the Final Point Totals for each player and charted them accordingly into categories by years, positions and eras. Peruse the left column to see if your picks for the greatest hitters in baseball history match our lineup.


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