Steroids and the Hall of Fame

Players who used steroids must be considered for the Hall of Fame simply because there is no solid evidence available that ascertains who did and who did not use them.

Many Hall of Famers are players who, throughout their career, had extraordinary offensive numbers. The dilemma arises when judging players before and after the steroid era. The obvious inflated numbers that are present during the steroid era makes evaluating their careers a difficult proposition. It is inevitable that comparisons will be made to those who are in the Hall of Fame with those trying to gain entry and steroid use blurs the comparison.

It is because of this quandary that this statistical formula used here can be an effective tool when analyzing baseball players of all eras – before and after steroids.

There is the possibility that recent Hall of Fame inductees could have used steroids. Without admissions, such as those of Mark McGwire, we will never know which players of the Steroid Era did or did not use. We can’t penalize an entire era of players – everyone must be considered for the Hall of fame. Our statistical formula allows us to compare hitters across all era’s of baseball including the Steroid Era. In particular, The Home Run Curve, enables us to weigh the significance of home run production for each player based on the years they played in Major League Baseball.

The effect of steroids on the Hall of Fame’s automatic entry:

The benchmark of a pitcher with 300 wins or a hitter with 3,000 hits should still ensure entry into Cooperstown. However, due to the home run surge of the steroid era, the 500 home runs that used to guarantee election into the Hall of Fame is now a murky area.

Here is an example to highlight the upswing in home runs over the the past 20 years. Every player, before the steroid era, who hit 500 home runs was elected to the Hall of Fame. In January 2010, Mark McGwire, in his third year of eligibility and a career total of 583 home runs, is not even being considered for the Hall of Fame. Is the Hall of Fame committee sending a message to the players of the steroid era? January 2010


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