Steroids and Baseball Records

Have steroids ruined baseball statistics?

“Steroids and baseball” has been the most talked about and controversial subject of the past 20 years – perhaps even the most controversial subject in all of baseball history. When discussing the steroid era, the major thing that needs to be considered is the damaging effect steroids have had on the great history of the sport.

As avid fans, with a long time love and respect for the game, as well as the all-time greats and their statistics, we fear the steroid era, if we allow it to, can blemish all-time baseball statistics, records and milestones.

We personally feel baseball turned and looked the other way when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were on their home run tear. The attention and accolades they received that season encouraged the further use of steroids by other active players of that era.

When did steroids and baseball first meet?

It is our belief that the use of steroids in baseball began in the late 80’s and balooned in 1998. From there on, through the early years of the millennium, the use of steroids in baseball became more prevalent, and it is shown through the number of home runs which were hit during this era of baseball.

Can steroids and baseball statistics be reconciled?

The most controversial baseball issues in our opinion, are:

  • Steroids and baseball records (specifically the home run)
  • Steroids and the Hall of Fame
  • How to compare suspected and admitted users with the all-time greats who preceeded them.


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