Baseball Lockout Ends…Play Ball !!!

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At long last, the owner-imposed baseball lockout is over, and the game is ready to return. At 99 days, the lockout is the second-longest work stoppage in baseball history, behind only the 1994-1995 player work stoppage of 232 days. At, we feel the American people have gone through extremely tough times in the last two years, and a prolonged baseball strike would have had a long-term damaging effect on the game. Honestly, we feel a strike would not have sat well with the average baseball fan and they would have viewed the players and owners as greedy people who could care less about its loyal fan base. The result could have been that many lifetime fans would have been angered and completely turned away from the game.

We feel in 2022, the great sport of baseball is needed more than ever. Having baseball back is a breath of fresh air. Turn off the 24/7 news, enjoy the great game of baseball, relax, sit back and take in watching a game…it’s healthy.

  • To most baseball fans, the changes made to the game in the 2022 season have been highly positive.
  • The Extra Inning Rule I, the extra-inning rule for doubleheaders, returns to the traditional nine inning game, “excellent move” baseball realized that fans were strongly opposed to the seven-inning game (a seven-inning game is simply not baseball). For a change, perhaps, baseball is listening to the fans.
  • The Extra Inning Rule II, the extra innings traditional rule returns, wonderful change, the sport will do away with starting the inning with the “Ghost Runner” on Second Base. (once again, baseball is listening to the fans
  • The D.H. Rule, The National League, will adopt the D.H. rule; at com, we fully understand strong the feelings of the fans, who are on both sides of the fence on a sensitive subject. Still, we feel it’s good for the game that both leagues play under the same guidelines. After 49 years, it’s been long overdue, regardless of whether the D.H. was added to the National League or eliminated from the American League.
  • Larger bases, increasing the size of the bases from 15 square inches to 18 square inches is another excellent change; increasing stolen bases and avoiding injuries is always a plus. The increased stolen bases will add action to the game and could possibly bring back the return of “Old School” baseball, small-ball…. bunting, moving runners over, putting the ball in play. The emphasis of a baseball game should not be focused on the home run and “exit velocity.”
  • The Pitch Clock, 14 seconds with the bases empty and 19 seconds with runners on base, another excellent change. While we genuinely don’t believe there is this urgency to rush through a game if a nine-inning game is completed in 3 hours and 20 minutes or 2 hours and 40 minutes, does it really matter?? The goal is to avoid the “meaningless” wasting of time. We definitely feel the pitch clock will be a plus but keep in mind that the catcher and the batter also have to share the responsibility of moving the game’s pace.
  • Playoff Changes, the playoff format will include 12 teams, rather than ten teams, we feel the change will be good for the game, but time will tell. It should have a positive effect on the importance of games played in late August and September baseball games; these will now create meaningful baseball games
  • Please Note
  • We intend to discuss the current playoff changes and the talk of future expansions in   an upcoming blog.

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