Triple Crown Season Comparison

Triple Crown Seasons…….Comparing The Numbers.

Miguel Cabrera…2012 was the first Triple Crown Season in 45 years. The 2012 season was a great season, but using our rating system, Miguel Cabrera’s 2012 Season,when compared to the 13 Triple Crown Seasons since 1901, was ranked last on our list.

No. Player Year Rating A.B. Runs Hits 2B 3B H.R. RBIs K’s B.B. S.B. Ave.
1. Rogers Hornsby 1925 4.470 504 133 203 41 10 39 143 39 83 5 403
2. Lou Gehrig 1934 4.415 579 128 210 40 6 49 165 31 109 9 363
3. Ted Williams 1942 4.380 522 141 186 34 5 36 137 51 145 3 356
4. Jimmie Foxx 1933 4.255 573 125 204 37 9 48 163 93 96 2 356
5. Mickey Mantle 1956 4.186 533 132 188 22 5 52 130 99 112 10 353
6. Rogers Hornsby 1922 4.150 623 141 250 46 14 42 152 50 65 17 401
7. Ted Williams 1947 4.130 514 125 181 40 9 32 114 47 162 0 343
8. Nap Lajoie 1901 4.104 544 145 232 48 14 14 125 9 24 27 426
9. Joe Medwick 1937 3.795 633 111 237 56 10 31 154 50 41 4 374
10. Frank Robinson 1966 3.745 576 122 182 34 2 49 122 90 87 8 316
11. Carl Yasrzemski 1967 3.702 579 112 189 31 4 44 121 69 91 10 326
12. Ty Cobb 1909 3.655 573 116 216 33 10 9 107 45 48 76 377
13. Chuck Klein 1933 3.565 606 101 223 44 7 28 120 36 56 15 368
14. Miguel Cabrera 2012 3.551 622 109 205 40 0 44 139 98 66 4 330


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Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter……Numbers or Intangibles?

In September of 2009, as Derek Jeter chased, tied and passed the Yankee “career hit record” of Lou Gehrig, Mike Francesa on W.F.A.N. sports radio had a week long discussion on how Derek Jeter’s career is to be defined.

Francesa made it perfectly clear that great career of Jeter’s was never about the numbers and many callers and fans, including myself agreed.

This led me to examine some statistics and after further review my opinion has changed. I believe the great career of Derek Jeter will be defined by the intangibles as well as the numbers.

I have come to this conclusion after doing a statistical comparison between Derek Jeter and the great Roberto Clemente. I chose Clemente because he was a player not only a player remembered for the intangibles but also compiled some substantial statistical accomplishments.

Player A.B. Runs Hits 2B 3B H.R. B.B. K. S.B. Ave.
Roberto Clemente 9454 1416 3000 440 166 240 1350 1230 83 317
Derek Jeter (as of 2009) 8643 1573 2740 438 58 223 1067 1465 305 317

How do you think Jeter will be remembered? Please add your comments…

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Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson……
The Most Under-Rated Hitter in Baseball History.

After watching and listening to the media covering the 3 day 2013 All-Star game festivities, this time was filled with many hours of analysis and discussions of the current All-Stars, as well as the All-Stars and greats of the past. At we feel some of the all-time great players were not given their proper due in baseball history, while some of the other greats were never mentioned at all.We will review some of leading factors that result in a players career being underrated, such as, Popularity, how the player is viewed by the media as well as the fans,we beleive the biggest key factor is Timing, what greats played before him and the all-time greats of his era and we will also consider the City and Team the player has played for, as well as his appearances and success in the Post Season. We have polled a number of avid baseball fans between the ages of 20 yrs .old and 75 yrs. old and have compiled a list of players, they felt, over the years have been underrated. The list includes Pete Browning, Stuffy Mcinnis, Ken Williams, George Davis, Buddy Myer, Cecil Travis, Johnny Pesky, Wally Berger, Doc Cramer, Chuck Klein,Hal Chase, Harry Heilmann, Hank Greenberg, Johnny Mize, Wally Post, Bob Johnson, Bobby Doerr, Mickey Vernon, Gil Hodges, Roy Sievers, Wally Moses, Eddie Matthews, Rocky Colavito, Norm Cash, Rico Carty, Darrell Evans, Ken Boyer, Ron Santo, Boog Powell, Don Buford, Dwight Evans, Sal Bando, Hal Mcrae, Jim Rice, Bobby Bonds, Thurman Munson, Graig Nettles, Rusty Staub, Bill Madlock, Al Oliver, Manny Sanguillen, Brett Butler, Dale Murphy, Keith Hernandez, Don Mattingly, Eddie Murray, Frank Thomas, and Jim Edmonds, only 2 of the 48 players from our fan poll matched our list of the top 5 most underrated players in baseball history.


Our Rating System Evaluation: #20 on our All-Time Hitting List, # 13 on our Greatest Outfielders List, # 4 on the era 4 Hitting List.

When they discussed the all-time greats of Frank Robinson’s era, we heard: Mantle/Mays, Mantle/Mays/Aaron and later Mantle/Mays/Aaron/Clemente, but very little about Frank Robinson.

Timing – When Frank broke into the league in 1956, the focus was on the 3 stars from New York.Mickey, Willie and the Duke. Mickey Mantle was coming into his own, with solid hitting seasons in 1954 and 1955 and in 1956, the year Frank Robinson ties Wally Berger for the most home runs by a rookie(38). Mantle wins the Triple Crown, with one of baseballs greatest hitting seasons, and the Yankees win the World Series. In 1956, we see Willie Mays coming off an M.V.P season in 1954, and another monster season in 1955, when he leads the league with 51 home runs and in 1954 and the NY Giants are the World Series champs. When we look back at Duke Snider, though his career numbers are not at the level as Mantle and Mays, but for the first half of the ’50s, he was their equal. In 1955 the Brooklyn Dodgers were World Series Champs and from 1953 to 1957 Snider had 5 consecutive 40 plus Home Run seasons. Hank Aaron broke into the league in 1954, and in his second and third seasons 1955 and 1956, he had very solid years. In 1957 Aaron has a break-out year wih 44 H.R., 132 R.B.I.’s and a .322 Avg. and the Milwaukee Braves beat the NY Yankees to become the World Series Champs. Hank Aaron continued to put together a steady number of solid seasons and by the mid ’60s was right there with Mantle and Mays. In 1966 Robinson finally gets the spotlight by winning the Triple Crown, but only to have Carl Yastrzemski duplicate the feat the following season by winning the Triple Crown in 1967.

Summing up the career of Frank Robinson – Broke in with the Reds in 1956 and was traded as a “washed up,” “on the down side of his career” 30 yr.old to the Baltimore Orioles in 1966–1956 Rookie of the Year. –Tied Wally Berger for most Home Runs in a rookie season (38), that record stood for 31 years, broken by Mark McGwire (49) in 1987. Was the fisrt player to win the M.V.P. in both leagues. Won the Triple Crown in 1966. Retired in 1976 as the 4th greatest home run hitter, in 2017 still ranked 10th, since his retirement his total was passed by Jim Thome, Ken Griffey Jr. Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriquez,  Sammy Sosa and Albert  Pujols. Frank can do it all, play the outfield with the best of them, great throwing arm, breaking up the double play, a fierce competitor with a baseball IQ second to none. We feel Frank Robinson is one of the greatest hitters who ever played the game, as well as one of the greatest five tool players the game has ever seen.

Our Rating System Evaluation: #51 on our All-Time Hitting List. #13 on our Greatest Hitting First Basemen List. #10 on the Greatest Hitters of his era List.

The 2012 season saw Jim Thome become only the 7th player in the history of baseball to hit 600 career home runs joining, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriquez, Ken Griffey Jr. and Sammy Sosa.
At, we feel milestone received surprisingly very little media attention.

TIMING – Looking back at this great career, Jim Thome has never been found to have used steroids, in fact, he has never been a “suspected” user, but we feel his career accomplishments are penalized simply because he played in the wrong era. On an “equal playing field,” Jim Thome would be #5 on the All-Time Home Run List. In the last 10/15 years of media coverage, sports talk radio etc. all the attention has gone to the “cheaters” while the career of one of the greatest sluggers in the history of the game gets lost. When baseball media and fans discuss the top home run hitters, we hear the names Ruth, Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Killebrew, Schmidt, Reggie, Bonds etc . Jim Thome’s name rarely pops up.

Summing up the career of JimThome – #8 on the All-Time Home Run List. Played his career at a disadvantage… in the steroid era. Had 12 30-plus home run seasons in his career and 1,700 career R.B.I.’s to go along with his .400 career on base pct. Jim Thome is one of the greatest sluggers the game has ever seen.

Our Rating System Evaluation: #12 on the All-Time Hitting List. #3 on our Greatest Hitting First Basemen List. #4 on the Greatest Hitters of his era List.

TIMING – When Hank broke in the league in 1933, Babe Ruth was at the end of his career but still the games most popular player, while two of the greatest hitters in the game, Lou Gehrig (30 yrs.old) and Jimmie Foxx (25 Yrs.old) were having Hall of Fame seasons. As the Ruth era ends, we begin the a new era, which will be dominated by Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams. In the 1935,1937,1938, and 1939 we see Greenberg put up Ruth-Like numbers, but a lot of the headlines go to the Yankees, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and the rookie sensation in Boston, Ted Williams. In 2013, when baseball looks back at the great players from the early ’30s to late ’40s, the great career of Greenberg takes a back seat to Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, DiMaggio and Williams.

Summing up the career of Hank Greenberg – Hank had a short career, listed as 13 seasons, but actually played 9 full seasons, and at the age of 30 lost 4 prime years serving the military in the war years. Hit 40 or more home runs 4 times including a career high 58 round trippers in 1938. Hank is only one of the 5 players in the history of the game to be in our 3-4-6 Club, .300 career batting average, a .400 on base pct.and a .600 slg.pct. Hank Greenberg is one of the games greatest hitters, who over the years, has been forgotten.

Our Rating System Evaluation: #24 on our All-Time Hitting List. #5 on our Greatest Hitting First Basemen List. #3 on the Greatest Hitters of his era List.

TIMING – Frank began his brilliant career in 1990, this year marked the end of the last clean era in baseball and the beginning of the steroid era. At this time, though not spoken of, many league ballplayers started this new era using steroids and many other PED’s. Frank Thomas, for most of the ’90s, was one of the best hitters in baseball, maybe even the best. Throughout his 19 year career, he was never found to be using or highly “suspected” of using steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs and his numbers were as good and if not better than the players who cheated. Once again, as in the case of Jim Thome, the players who played the game the right way were kept out of the headlines, while most of the media attention was given to the controversial careers of Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmiero and Barry Bonds.

Summing up the career of Frank Thomas – He became the 25th member of the 500 Home Run Club in 2007, an impressive milestone, but one that has been watered down by at least 6 players associated with steroid use. Had 9 career 40 plus home run seasons. Won back to back M.V.P.’s in 1993 and 1994. In his career of 19 seasons, 11 of those were 100 R.B.I. seasons. He is one of only 27 players in our 3-4-5-Club. He had an amazing streak of 8 consecutive seasons,(1991-1998) with 100 R.B.I.’s combined with 100 runs scored. Frank Thomas is one of baseballs All-Time great hitters whose career achievements have been overshadowed by the negativity of the steroid era.

Our Rating System Evaluation: #115 on the All-Time Hitting List. #21 on our Greatest Hitting First Basemen List. #10 on the Greatest Hitters of his era List.

TIMING – Richie “Dick” Allen broke into baseball in1964 and when he entered the league he was surrounded by some of baseballs All-Time greats, Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Robinson, Kaline, McCovey, etc, as well as emerging stars Yastrzemski, Rose, Conigliaro, Cepeda, Oliva, Brock, Morgan, Perez, Santo, Stargell etc. Richie Allen career is listed as 15 seasons (1963-1977) but only had 6 seasons where he played140 games or more. The start of his career also marked the start of the baseballs pitching era, though he played during the pitching era, he did put up some great hitting stats such as 6 seasons of 30 or more home runs, hit 32 118 games,34 in 122 games, and 32 in 128 games. As we look back at his years in baseball, he played in the pitching era, was not well liked by both the fans as well as the media and played at a time where there was a blend of established stars as well new young talent.

Summing up the career of Richie Allen – He was Rookie of the Year in 1964. He was the A.L. M.V P. in 1972. Had he had a longer career with more career at bats, he could compiled Hall of Fame numbers, comparable or most likely better than players such as Tony Perez and Andre Dawson. Make no mistake about it, Richie Allen could hit,and this feared hitter had Hall of Fame talent, but unfortunately, border-line Hall of Fame career numbers


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Jim Thome

Jim Thome………..
An Overlooked Slugger

Jim Thome, an all-time slugger overlooked ?
On July 9th 2011, Derek Jeter homered to become the 28th member of the 3,000 hit club. The media attention that this milestone received was off the charts. The fact that he was a “clean” player in the steroid era, in our opinion, fueled the media attention to any even higher level. After the Jeter milestone, we thought the media attention would be passed to Jim Thome, who is approaching an even more exclusive club the 600 home run club. The media attention which has been given to Thome thus far is not even close to that received by Jeter. We do realize one played in New York, while the other spent most of his career in Cleveland, but why is one milestone being held in such high regard while the home run milestone is being tossed aside? We do feel that the career and accomplishments of Jim Thome are being viewed unfavorably because he is a slugger who played in the steroid era. Should a player who has never been found or even suspected of steroid use, have his career numbers downplayed simply because he played in the era of inflated stats? Three of the last four members of the 600 home run club have admited or been suspected of steroid use, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Sammy Sosa, while the 28 members of the 3,000 hit club has one member Rafael Palmeiro linked to steroids. At prior to the 2011 season, we do rank Jim Thome as one of the greatest 60 hitters of all-time, as well as, the 13th greatest hitting first baseman. We feel Major League Baseball and the media should applaud the hall of fame career of Jim Thome and give him his due as a “clean” player who put up great numbers in the steriod era. In conclusion, when we examine this era, more focus should be placed on the players who did it the right way…it seems that the negative aspects of this era continue to grab the headlines.

Comparisons with some Hall of Fame sluggers.

Player A.B. Runs Hits 2B 3B H.R. RBI’s Ave. O.B.% Slg.%
Harmon Killebrew 8147 1283 2086 290 24 573 1584 256 376 509
Reggie Jackson 9864 1551 2584 463 49 563 1702 262 356 490
Willie McCovey 8197 1229 2211 353 46 521 1555 270 374 515
Willie Stargell 7927 1195 2232 423 55 475 1540 282 360 529
Mike Schmidt 8352 1506 2234 408 59 548 1595 267 380 527
Ken Griffey Jr. 9801 1662 2781 524 38 630 1836 284 370 538
Jim Thome 8422 1583 2328 451 26 612 1699 276 402 554

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Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada……Does He Have Hall of Fame Numbers?

Jorge Posada…… a Hall of Fame Player ?
Since his retirement in 2011, at baseballsgreatest, we have been asked the same question time and time again, is Jorge Posada a Hall of Fame player? Initially our response was a NO, or maybe border-line at best. In the past few months,Michael Kay, on his radio show and Marc Malusis,on SNY, mentioned on several occassions questions about Jorge Posada,and the Hall of Fame.We have a lot of respect for Michael and Marc’s baseball knowledge and their comments prompted us to check Posadas’ numbers and see how they measure up to some other Hall of Fame catchers. The baseball Hall of Fame is all about statistics and numbers. Looking at the charts below, Jorge Posada does have Hall of Fame numbers. When we began comparing the numbers, Jorge Posadas’ stats measure up favorably to the greatest hitting catchers in the history of the game.Our research shows he is one of the seven greatest hitting catchers in the past 40 years. His home run to at bat ratio is very impressive, at 1/22.16, this is 4th all-time, amongst the top hitters, only behind Mike Piazza, Roy Campanella,and Yogi Berra. His on base near to the top of he list, which makes Posada a great offensive force, hitting for power and getting on base. He is the best hitting catcher of the decade.In conclusion,we have done a complete turn around from our initial response and according to our research at baseballsgreatesthitters,com. Jorge Posada is a Hall of Fame catcher.

Our Rank Runs Home Runs R.B.I.’s
No. Player Rating Player Total Player Total Player Total
1 Mike Piazza 3.960 Ivan Rodriguez      1354 Mike Piazza 427 Yogi Berra 1430
2 Yogi Berra 3.911 Carlton Fisk 1276 Johnny Bench 389 Johnny Bench 1376
3 Bill Dickey 3.892 Yogi Berra 1175 Carlton Fisk 376 Mike Piazza 1335
4 Mickey Cochrane 3.845 Johnny Bench 1091 Yogi Berra 358 Ivan Rodriguez 1332
5 Johnny Bench 3.729 Mike Piazza 1048 Gary Carter 324 Carlton Fisk 1330
6 Gabby Hartnett 3.692 Mickey Cochrane  1041 Ivan Rodriguez 311 Gary Carter 1225
7 Carlton Fisk 3.676 Gary Carter 1025 Jorge Posada 275 Bill Dickey 1209
8 Roy Campanella 3.627 Bill Dickey 930 Roy Campanella 242 Gabby Hartnett 1179
9 Gary Carter 3.529 Jorge Posada      900 Gabby Hartnett 236 Jorge Posada 1065
10 Ivan Rodriguez 3.529 Gabby Hartnett 867 Bill Dickey              202 Roy Campanella 856
11 Jorge Posada 3.379 RoyCampanella    627 Mickey Cochrane 119 Mickey Cochrane 830
At Bats Avg. On Base % Slg.%
No. Player A.B.-H.R./A.B Player Career Player Career Player Career
1 Mike Piazza 6,911  /16.19 MickeyCochrane    320 Mickey Cochrane 419 Mike Piazza 545
2 Roy Campanella 4,205  /17.38 Bill Dickey 313 Bill Dickey 382 Roy Campanella 500
3 Johnny Bench 7,658  /19.69 Mike Piazza 308 Mike Piazza 377 Gabby Hartnett 489
4 Yogi Berra 7,555  /21.11 Gabb Hartnett 297 Jorge Posada 374 Bill Dickey 486
5 Jorge Posada 6,092  /22.16 Ivan Rodriguez 296 Gabby Hartnett 370 Yogi Berra 482
6 Carlton Fisk 8,756  /23.29 Yogi Berra 285 Roy Campanella 360 MickeyCochrane   478
7 Gary Carter 7,971  /24.61 RoyCampanella      276 Yogi Berra 348 JohnnyBench        476
8 Gabby Hartnett 6,432  /27.26 Jorge Posada 273 Johnny Bench 342 Jorge Posada 474
9 Ivan Rodriguez 9,592  /30.85 Carlton Fisk 269 Carlton Fisk            341 Ivan Rodriguez 464
10 Bill Dickey 6,300  /31.19 Johnny Bench 267 Gary Carter 335 Carlton Fisk 457
11 Mickey Cochrane 5,169  /43.44 Gary Carter 262 Ivan Rodriguez 334 Gary Carter 439


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Home initial

“Baseball’s Greatest Hitters”

website in progress. see

Finally, a Way to Compare Top Hitters of All Time-past with present- to Determine the Best Baseball Hitter

If you are a true baseball fan, you don’t just watch games. You dissect box scores, you study the injury reports, you keep track of pitch counts, slugging percentages, you read the newspapers, blogs and websites, and you listen to and sometimes call sports radio. And of course, you talk…

Talk baseball long enough and you will then debate baseball. The debate may start with DH vs. no DH or pulling a starter after 100 pitches, but, it will eventually lead to “Who are the top hitters of all time?” Until now, that has been one argument that has been very difficult to settle.

Our Best Baseball Player Analysis

The inevitable question of “how do you compare the players of today with the greats of yesterday” can finally be answered. By using Baseball’s Greatest Hitters’ formula – which took over two decades to develop – you will be able to examine each era and compare the top hitters from the early 1900’s to the superstars of today’s game.

Who Do You Think is The Best Baseball Player?

Check the roll of the Top 150 Baseball Players, as well as the greatest of their eras and see if you are in agreement. Compile your own list of position players and see if it matches up to the Baseball’s Greatest Hitters list.

Keep in mind that this is an Offensive Rating System only. It is not based on opinion, fan voting, post season play or the number of rings a player may have. An educated baseball fan understands that slugging percentage, on base percentage and batting averages do not tell the whole story.

How We Determine the Top Hitters of All Time

Babe Ruth set the bar of statistical greatness very early on in baseball, and in many cases those milestones are still the standard today. Can you compare Babe Ruth with Ted Williams or Barry Bonds? Now you can. Like it or not, it all comes back to stats, whether it’s in the Committee Room for the Hall of Fame, the local sports bar, social gatherings or the backyard barbeque.



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