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Finally, a Way to Compare Top Hitters of All Time-past with present- to Determine the Best Baseball Hitter

If you are a true baseball fan, you don’t just watch games. You dissect box scores, you study the injury reports, you keep track of pitch counts, slugging percentages, you read the newspapers, blogs and websites, and you listen to and sometimes call sports radio. And of course, you talk…

Talk baseball long enough and you will then debate baseball. The debate may start with DH vs. no DH or pulling a starter after 100 pitches, but, it will eventually lead to “Who are the top hitters of all time?” Until now, that has been one argument that has been very difficult to settle.

Our Best Baseball Player Analysis

The inevitable question of “how do you compare the players of today with the greats of yesterday” can finally be answered. By using Baseball’s Greatest Hitters’ formula – which took over two decades to develop – you will be able to examine each era and compare the top hitters from the early 1900’s to the superstars of today’s game.

Who Do You Think is The Best Baseball Player?

Check the roll of the Top 150 Baseball Players, as well as the greatest of their eras and see if you are in agreement. Compile your own list of position players and see if it matches up to the Baseball’s Greatest Hitters list.

Keep in mind that this is an Offensive Rating System only. It is not based on opinion, fan voting, post season play or the number of rings a player may have. An educated baseball fan understands that slugging percentage, on base percentage and batting averages do not tell the whole story.

How We Determine the Top Hitters of All Time

Babe Ruth set the bar of statistical greatness very early on in baseball, and in many cases those milestones are still the standard today. Can you compare Babe Ruth with Ted Williams or Barry Bonds? Now you can. Like it or not, it all comes back to stats, whether it’s in the Committee Room for the Hall of Fame, the local sports bar, social gatherings or the backyard barbeque.



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