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Ranking The Players

Ranking MLB Players – the reasoning behind our list of the Best Hitters of All Time

Ranking MLB Players- the reasoning behind our list of the Best Hitters of All Time

This is an explanation of why fans may think that some of the players listed below might be ranked too high, while others may be ranked too low. Please keep in mind the ranking of MLB players, using my formula, is based on their life-time hitting statistics only, the ranking does not factor in defensive skills, base-running, but does factor in how dominating the player was in his era.


Using our formula to determine the best hitter of all time we rank Ron Santo higher than Brooks Robinson. But if you factor in defensive skills and being the more dominant 3rd baseman of his era, Brooks Robinson is without a doubt the greater third baseman.

Below are some of the best hitters of all time, our ranking and some of the reasons behind it.

Certain players are ranked higher than you would think, and others are ranked lower than you would think. See if you agree with our rationale.

MLB players, a few may be ranked higher than expected:

BABE RUTH.               690 career slugging percentage, enough said.
 # 1                               Ruth is in a “league of his own.”

LOU GEHRIG              In our opinion the second best hitter/run producer
 # 2                               of all time. His career as a hitter is sometimes 
                                     over shadowedby his consecutive game streak
                                     as well as his farewell speech.

JOE DiMAGGIO            One of the top 10 greatest hitters of all-time.  As the
# 9                                 years pass, we seem to forget what a great hitter/run
                                      producer he was, also in our opinion underrated as great
                                      power hitter.  His first six seasons rank among the
                                      greatest career starts in baseball history.
STAN MUSIAL               One of the top ten best hitters of all-time, not
# 8                                  really under-rated, but definitely not mentioned as 
                                       much as he should be.  

HANK GREENBERG      As a hitter/run producer he is under-rated. Using
#12                                  our statistic formula, he is ranked as the third greatest
                                        hitting first baseman of all time.

FRANK ROBINSON          One of the best hitters of all-time and he never  
#20                                     is mentioned as much as he should be as an all-time
                                           great.He played in the shadow of Mantle and Mays

MANNY RAMIREZ            Ranks as one of the top 20 best hitters of all-time. At  
 #15                                   the end of the 2009 season Manny ranks ahead of  
                                          Mantle as the 15th best hitter of all-time. .313 Life- 
                                          time B.A.  .591 Slg.%  .411 O.B.%
                                          In his 17 season career, he has had 12--100 plus
                                          R.B.I. seasons.His bizarre personality is some what
                                          a distraction to his great career.

MEL OTT                            9,456 at bats,  runs scored 1,851,  R.B.I.’s 1800
#17                                     1,708 Walks to only 896K’s Lifetime on base  
                                            percentage- .414 Slugging percentage- .533.


HARRY HEILMAN                7,787 at bats, R.B.I.’s1,539, a B.A.
#26                                       Life-time on base percentage- .410 ,Slugging
                                              percentage -.520.  542 Doubles, and 151 Triples.


LARRY WALKER                 Only 6,907 At-Bats.
#47                                       Runs Scored 1,355,  R.B.I.’s 1,311Lifetime  
                                              B.A..313.  Lifetime on base percentage-.400 Slugging  
                                              percentage- .565.



ROBERTO CLEMENTE        Keep in mind, to be ranked the #52 best hitter of all  
#52                                         time is a phenomenal achievement, and when factoring
                                               in his defensive skills, base running, and being a
                                               dominant player of his era, Clemente will go up in the
                                                ranking.  In 9,454 at bats, less than 1500 runs scored,
                                                and only 1300 R.B.I.’s.,1,230 K’s to 621 Walks.
                                                Lifetime on base percentage- .359  Slugging
                                                percentage- .475.


TONY GWYNN                     9,280 at-bats, 135 H.R., R.B.I.’s 1,135
#55                                        A .338 lifetime hitter, a lifetime on base 
                                              percentage- .388. Lifetime slugging percentage- .459


LOU BROCK                        He did have over 3,000 hits.
#187                                     1,600 runs scored. Only 900 career R.B.I.’s, lifetime 
                                              A relatively low on base percentage- .343. Slugging percentage- .410.


REGGIE JACKSON              A.262 lifetime batting average.
#34                                        2,597 career K’s  to 1,375 career B.B.Lifetime 
                                              490 slugging percentage- 356 Lifetime on base percentage-                                              .keep in mind, even though he is ranked #52 if I
                                               had to win one game and my life depended on it I
                                               would want Reggie Jackson (along with Pete Rose) to be on my roster.

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