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Derek Jeter……Numbers or Intangibles?

In September of 2009, as Derek Jeter chased, tied and passed the Yankee “career hit record” of Lou Gehrig, Mike Francesa on W.F.A.N. sports radio had a week long discussion on how Derek Jeter’s career is to be defined.

Francesa made it perfectly clear that great career of Jeter’s was never about the numbers and many callers and fans, including myself agreed.

This led me to examine some statistics and after further review my opinion has changed. I believe the great career of Derek Jeter will be defined by the intangibles as well as the numbers.

I have come to this conclusion after doing a statistical comparison between Derek Jeter and the great Roberto Clemente. I chose Clemente because he was a player not only a player remembered for the intangibles but also compiled some substantial statistical accomplishments.

Player A.B. Runs Hits 2B 3B H.R. B.B. K. S.B. Ave.
Roberto Clemente 9454 1416 3000 440 166 240 1350 1230 83 317
Derek Jeter (as of 2009) 8643 1573 2740 438 58 223 1067 1465 305 317

How do you think Jeter will be remembered? Please add your comments…

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